Jan’s Fans

Jan Whiting is the person who can solve your problems when your computer needs exceed your current skills. As a yoga instructor, I need to communicate regularly to students, new and perspective, about my classes, workshops and other special events. Jan helped me set up Mailchimp which allowed mass e-mails, otherwise not available on my server. She took me through several step-by-step instructions and review until I could independently use the app. She made herself available whenever I ran into glitches, and has made this aspect of my business so much more efficient.

If you need a knowledgeable, experienced and patient assistant, I suggest you contact, Jan Whiting, your Virtual Assistant.

Burt Peeters

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jan really came through for me at the 11th hour. I cannot thank her enough for her expertise and her calm approach.

Jacqueline Cornelisse
Brant Virtual Legal Assistant Services

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I have known Jan for several years in her capacity as an office administrator, but in the past two years I have worked with Jan as a publisher of ebooks comprised of my students’ writing.

When Jan suggested the project of publishing an anthology of the work of students in my Writer’s Craft class, I thought it would be a simple matter of taking Word documents, compiling them into one file, and uploading them. I had no idea how intricate and technical the business of electronic publishing was! Jan demonstrated a thorough and insightful understanding of the complexities of e-formatting and publishing, often anticipating difficulties and finding ways around them. When a problem arose that she didn’t anticipate or couldn’t easily solved, Jan worked ceaselessly to find alternatives, always checking with me to ensure that the integrity of the original piece was not lost.

Such attention to detail and concern for the quality of the finished product made Jan indispensible to the project. When my students were able to see their work really published online, they were so proud; it allowed them an opportunity to share with their family, friends and each other in a way that was, and continues to be, meaningful. Jan’s diligence and her own pride in workmanship ensured that each project was a success.

Aside from her professional skill, Jan is a pleasure to work with. She is a clear communicator who doesn’t get bogged down in jargon; she makes decisions without having to check in constantly, and is just as content to change something after the fact; she has a friendly and funny demeanour which makes it gratifying to spend time with her. I cannot imagine that this process would have been as easy and stressless for me had Jan not been at the helm.

I would recommend Jan absolutely for any project, big or small. What she doesn’t know, she will learn, and quickly. What she does know, she will apply to a project in effective, creative ways. And throughout it all, she always proves to be a consummate professional who is easy to talk to and a pleasure to know.

Carrie Collins
Head of English and Drama,
Parkside H.S.

(The students’ work can be viewed here.)

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I recently used the services of Jan Whiting and I found her to be a very calm, efficient and task-oriented worker. She was prompt at getting back to me and her work was always detailed and of outstanding quality. Jan takes a real interest and pride in her work and it made me feel very confident in her abilities.

Although Jan didn’t know the program I had asked her to use, she took the time to familiarize herself with it, and even did some short how-do videos to show me what she had learned and how I could be using the program.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jan Whiting to anyone who is looking for a hard-working, reliable and capable virtual assistant.

Suzanne Dube, Professor
Althouse Faculty of Education
Western University